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Winter Weather Working

Winter Weather Working

Or How We're Keeping Our Crews Safe in Cold Temps

As the temperatures fall on our project sites, the need to make our team members aware of how to protect themselves goes WAY up!

What steps do we advise to keep everyone safe from the pitfalls of winter weather working?

First, LAYER your clothing:

  • The inner layer should be made of a fabric that holds more body heat, like wool, silk or polypropylene.
  • The middle, insulation layer should be able to trap heat near the body. Materials like natural fibers, goose down and fleece create a good insulation layer.
  • The outer layer should be a tightly woven, weather-resistant material that protects you from the wind, rain and snow.

Next, PREVENT slip hazards on your site:

  • Place rock salt the night before a cold-weather precipitation event
  • Eliminate icy puddles
  • Practice caution, specifically in the morning

Finally, UNDERSTAND the importance of warming up your muscles prior to all tasks and KNOW the signs of frostbite, which include: 

  • Cold, waxy-looking skin
  • Numbness
  • Muscle stiffness
Keeping our crews safe is always our top priority - and especially during winter weather! Encouraging layering, practicing prevention and creating awareness are all ways we reduce risk during cold months.
Safety Manager Bill Boots

Following the breakout sessions , the team welcomed guest speaker Joel Feldman, founder of, who lost his daughter, Casey, to a distracted driver. Joel spoke about his mission for all drivers to work together to end Distracted Driving in order to keep us all safe on the roads. His profound and heartfelt message hit home with the entire Menard Group USA team and touched everyone on a personal level.

Safety Champs: Kyle Farrar, Todd Risner, Cody Inman, and Scott Forrester

Awards were given to our four 2019 Safety Champions with Scott Forrester bringing home the coveted Safety Boot Award!

Awards were also presented to the Green Idea Winners, Justin Labrozzi -1st place, Jason Powers - 2nd place and Mark Bibby - 3rd place. The Green Idea Awards were based on the concept of encouraging all employees to think about how the company can minimize waste, save resources, and reduce our carbon footprint as we go about our work.

Congrats to all the Winners!

Engineering MeNERDS like to Walk Like an Egyptian!

The Safety Dance was a big hit! 

After a long day of training and guest speakers, the group enjoyed a fantastic dinner followed by the local Pittsburgh band, Totally 80's.

Saturday was filled with more safety training and guest speakers including Mobilization, Demobilization, Utilities One Call, Risk Perception, Quality, and Drug Awareness.

The day wrapped up with Wildly Different Team Building Games including company trivia, a giant game of rock-paper-scissors, speed bingo and spoon flipping!

Winners of the Wildly Different Games!

All of Menard Group USA signed the 2020 Safety Pledge!

Brrrrr! Menard Group USA braved the cold for a group photo! Most said they are hoping for a warmer destination next year!

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