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Sporadic Spring Skies

Sporadic Spring Skies

Or How We Manage Weather Conditions On Our Project Sites

We all know weather can be unpredictable, and that is especially true in spring time on our project sites!

Whether we're working near the coast where storms approach quickly and intensely, in an open area where lightning could be a concern or in a low-lying spot that requires runoff storm water management, our crews are equipped to handle the elements.

Preparation is key in planning for spring weather! Our crews have experience doing the things that make the project sites - and ultimately their team members - safer in sporadic conditions.
Safety Engineer Dan Langer

At each project site, weather is carefully monitored.

Did you know that on average, lightning kills & injures more people each year than hurricanes & tornadoes put together? It can strike as far as 10 miles away from the center of the storm!

If a thunderstorm is approaching, a safe place for our crew to gather is established & communicated to the team. Once the lightning subsides, we allow for 30 minutes after the last lightning strike is observed to return to work.

What about heavy rain? Why don't our project sites get flooded out? 

Again, planning plays a key role. By sloping and grading the work area and digging trenches when necessary, we reduce the number of places standing water can puddle and present an obstacle for our crew and/or equipment.

Spring is an especially unpredictable time for our crews, since we often experience the weather of all seasons across our jobs before we transition into the summer months. Often, in the same week, we can experience warmer temperatures, thunder, lightning - and snow. Whatever the weather, we've got a plan to keep our crew safe and to get the job done!

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