The Column - Meet the Menerds
Highly Skilled and Hugely Smart


Brian Parker

What is your un-official title?

Das Boot!

What was your first job ever?

Bus Boy at Sea Fare in Charlotte, NC

What was your first project at Menard Group USA?

St. Simmons Island

What is the most obscure fact you know?

Venus Fly traps only grow near Wilmington, NC.

What project are you most proud of?

We gained an Oil & Gas client's trust by meeting strict safety & quality requirements...and won a Client Care Award based on their feedback!

Where else can we find you?

This spring, at Mooresville Dragway

What is your favorite thing for lunch?

Monster Energy Drinks.

Who is your favority sports team?

The Carolina Panthers! Double Bonus Answer: P Diddy said the Carolina Panthers are for sale and he would be the best NFL owner and would start Collin Kaepernick at QB!


Besides The Boot, have you won other awards?

YES! I was a previous recipient of the Client Care Champion Award and the Safety MeNERD of the Month!