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Encouraging MeNERDs to be Healthy

or How Our Wellness Program & Challenges are Making a Difference

If you already met Lori Walters in the Meet the MeNERD section, you may remember she is the current serving Wellness Captain. But what role goes along with that title?

Lori is in charge of launching & keeping track of all of the great Wellness Challenges here at Menard Group USA! The Challenges are designed at their core to increase our activity level or performance, and each lasts for 8 weeks. During that time, each participant must track a specific activity or group of activities & report their results to Lori. Besides bragging rights, the winners of each challenge receive credits in the company store - plus there are random participant winners of each challenge, too.

Our first Wellness Challenge involved stairclimbing way back in 2015, when our Payroll Associate/Compliance Administrator Janet completed an impressive 874 flights of stairs to take first place!

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may also remember seeing our Plank case you missed it: 

I think people like to participate because they are aware we need to take care of ourselves. Taking part in the Challenges is a way to get in some fitness and have fun seeing each others' progress.
Lori Walters, Accounting Adminstrative Professional & Wellness Captain

Vice President of Business Development Marty Taube had another impressive Wellness Challenge finish in 2017 by completing 35-52 miles every week during an eight-week period!

Other healthy community events are promoted & supported, too - from local 5ks to the Pittsburgh Marathon.

Currently, the MeNERDs are in the middle of a Challenge that offered up four choices:

  • Drink more water
  • Keep a food journal
  • Workout with a buddy three times a week
  • Complete a daily body workout that mixes cardio & toning exercises

They were asked to track their efforts in one of the categories - or if they were feeling REALLY health-conscious, they could take on all four at once.

An Achievement Award will be given out, but Lori isn't telling who's in the lead!

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