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Speedy Delivery in Bayou City

Or.. How We Designed and Installed Vibro Stone Columns Deep in the Heart of Texas!

When a private Refinery Client wanted to put a new, industrial-sized warehouse and shop building on soft, clayey soils near Houston's Ship Channel, we knew Vibro Stone Columns were the best solution to support the building’s heavily loaded footings and slabs.

The warehouse covered an area of approximately 94,000 square feet and the stone columns were used to support building columns with loads of up to 505 kips and slab bearing pressures up to 1,000 psf. The nearly 1,000 stone columns were installed using the bottom feed method to a maximum depth of 20 feet.

"We always love the opportunity to design a solution that can address the three challenges our customers often feel: schedule, budget and quality. Vibro Stone Columns were a perfect fit for this project and allowed us to successfully tackle all three!"
Jonathan Dwight, Area Manager

In case you need a refresher, Vibro Stone Columns are columns of compacted granular material installed in fine grained soils to increase the rate of consolidation but they are primarily used to improve the load bearing characteristic and stiffness of soft soils.  

Sunny views of our work in the Bayou City

Our design Menerd, John Myers, got to work on a solution that allowed us to stiffen the soils and build the columns needed to limit the settlement for the warehouse. The Vibro Stone Columns generated significant schedule and budget savings over more costly augercast piles with large pile caps and thick structural slabs.  

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