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Eight Times is a Charm in Kearny

Or How We're Supporting the Supply Chain in New Jersey and New York

Kearny, a town in New Jersey with many brownfield industrial sites, had serious flooding issues to consider after Hurricane Sandy blew through in 2012. Developers saw amazing potential for the well-situated town, but needed to come up with an innovative ground improvement plan to keep their buildings on solid ground in any weather.

Enter the innovative engineers and efficient field crews of Menard Group USA!

We're now on our eighth ground improvement project in South Kearney and are utilizing controlled modulus column (CMC) rigid inclusions for the seventh time. Our most recent project finds us on familiar ground- literally!

The soil at the former industrial site is characterized by dredge material underlain by miscellaneous fill with varying amounts of silt and gravel. Those layers are underlain with organic silt and clay and a sand/silt layer. Two of our five drills are focusing on pre-drilling through cement dredge in the stiff upper fill, and three additional drills are hard at work installing CMC rigid inclusions.

Menard has successfully installed close to 13,000 CMC rigid inclusions to support buildings in Kearny, and we look forward to seeing the impact of the development on the area in the future.
Mike Shedlosky, Project Manager

Because of its proximity to Manhattan and the New York market, developers call South Kearny home and realize it is an important link in the supply chain. We're proud that the general contractors and developers continue to put their confidence in our support solutions.

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